Soldier Wash

In summer of 2016, Soldier Wash filled the banks with stormwater, which breached in several locations flooding parking lots and adjacent businesses.  Soldier Wash drains approximately 3.3 square miles extending into U.S. Forest lands.  In order to convey the 25-year storm event, Soldier Wash needed to be widened.   Del Sol Group provided the City with biological surveys for three special-status species and prepared an Individual 404 permit for the project, which included analysis of three, non-widening alternatives.  Construction of the channel will be conducted in phases, starting spring 2017 extending through 2019.  

Location: Sedona, Arizona
 January 2015 – 2017
Accomplishments: Successful team communication between the Army Corps of Engineers, City Engineer, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Arizona Game & Fish Department, Shephard-Wesnitzer engineering team, adjacent property owners and Tiffany Contractors.
Challenges: Describing and interpreting technical details of design alternatives for Corps’ analysis, which included aesthetic treatments within a visually sensitive and high tourist activity area