Noelle Sanders

Principal and Environmental Director

Del Sol Group’s Principal and Environmental Director, Noelle Sanders, is a native of Arizona, and comes from a family with interesting stories in Arizona. Noelle’s Great Grandfather was the Police Chief of Glendale, her Grandmother was the first female Principal of Madison Schools, and her Father was a banker during the savings & loan era. After graduating from Mesa’s Dobson High School, Noelle followed in her father’s footsteps and graduated from U of A with a degree in Geosciences.

This unique perspective, along with her understanding of what it means to invest one’s own capital in a project, allows Noelle to consult her clients on the best available opportunities.

In 2006, Noelle’s passion and dedication to environmental consulting lead her to form Del Sol Group. As an outdoor enthusiast, Del Sol Group reflects Noelle’s commitment to the environment and to improving the quality of life in Arizona.